How to Supply your Spot UV File

We’re all attracted to beautiful, shiny things. It’s in our nature and it’s impossible to override. Your customer's marketing can make the most of these human instincts.

One way is to add StarMarque spot gloss highlights to your promo material. The contrasting matt base causes the highlights to shimmer in the light. And get noticed. Here we will tell you on how to set up your file for our Spot UV specifications. Below is a step by step guide on setting up your files in InDesign.

Artwork Specification

Here we will tell you how to supply your Spot UV artwork on our product templates.

  1. Make sure your Spot UV elements are selected and in the Spot UV spot colour, this is a swatch supplied in our templates, that you have to ensure the fill and stroke (if used) need to be before exporting your file.

    If you need to create the swatch we have instructions below at the bottom of the page. 

  2. Place Spot UV elements on the Finishing layer in the Template - topmost Layer in the layers palette.
    (Below any DIE-CUT elements, if you are using a shaped product template or something similar)

  3. Only use the Spot UV element(s) on the front page of your artwork.

  4. Spot UV must be set to Overprint from within your design application (this includes both fill and stroke).