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High Speed Inkjet


Why choose High-Speed Inkjet

High-Speed Inkjet is a true disruptor technology. It disrupts both traditional offset and toner-based digital print technologies. It just can’t be beaten. Not only does High-speed Inkjet disrupt the status quo, but it also provides significant advantages to the end users business. Benefits like low cost, short run, full colour, zero inventory and fast delivery can drastically reduce the cost and risk of print collaterals. For these reasons high-speed inkjet is the fastest-growing international print sector. Imagine a print world with no warehousing, colour instead of black and white, long run pricing for short run orders, perfect bound, stitched, wire, it doesn’t matter. True ‘Print on Demand’ has arrived and it will save you a small fortune.

High-Speed Inkjet is Perfect for…


Course books, exam papers and booklets. These are typically perfect bound or plastic spiral bound. High-speed inkjet allows colour print to be cost-effective and used throughout the document.


As run lengths are being reduced due to online information. High-Speed Inkjet is the right solution for drafting annual plans and information leaflets which can be personalised and have colour graphs and charts.


High-speed Inkjet allows short-run production at long-run unit cost. Publishers can reduce their risk by printing only what they have sold without holding inventory. If the books sell well, you can order more at the same unit cost.


Short-run and low-cost catalogues will make point-of-sale marketing available for niche products, parts lists, product lists or internal retail product catalogues allowing small businesses to compete in the marketplace.


Using colour throughout and perfect binding (square spine) will transform the traditional school yearbook into a professional cost- effective document.


Typically stitched and available from A5 to tabloid-sized. There are many applications for low-cost marketing and customer/staff communication products.


Benefit from high volume multiple versions of variable data or niche demand products, including individualised letters, barcodes and invoices.


Relevant dates and advertising can be inserted throughout the document. Options for binding include hard case binding to give the diary a real feeling of value.

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